2012 Leather Fashion Festival: Hung Ho was awarded the "China Tribute Brand" On November 30th, the “2012 China Leather Fashion Festival” sponsored by the China Light Industry Federation, the China Leather Association, and the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government of Guangdong Province opened in Guangzhou Haixinsha. This ceremony, with the theme of "Promoting China from a leather goods country to a leather goods powerhouse," focuses on the creativity and imagination of the Chinese leather goods industry. Hung Hom Fashion Group, as a contributor to the promotion of Chinese leather goods made in China to create in China, was invited to attend the Honor Ceremony and was awarded the “China Tribute Brand” Award in the leather goods industry.

Hung Ho has been involved in leather products for more than 10 years. Since the official launch of the leather goods category in 2006, with the help of the rich and rich oriental culture of the Hung Hom brand, Hung Ho leather has taken the lead in “leading the oriental fashion and opening up creative life”. Actively “Dong Chuang Xi cited”, more efforts to develop their own portfolio of leather product designers, to ensure that the talent team, fashion information, product design and the world's forefront, the highest level of industry synchronization. In recent years, a series of fashion leather original theme themes such as "Blue Flowers", "Provence", "Edinburgh" and "Recall Nature" launched by Hung Hom leather goods are not only close to the international fashion trend, but also contain the spirit of oriental culture "Aura". Has formed a fashion, and constantly leads the trend, for China's original fashion design, to bring a new field and vision. On October 31st, 2012, the “Southern Metropolis Daily” special edition published a special report on the Chinese leather goods industry. Hung Ho leather goods was praised as “the leader of the rising leather goods industry with its insistence on original design and sustained and rapid growth. ". On November 2nd, the organizing committee of China Leather Fashion Festival sent a special letter to Hung Hom leather goods and invited Hung Hom Fashion Group as the honored guest to attend the Honor Ceremony, and together with superstars and supermodels in various fields such as film, sports, fashion, etc. “ Leather Oscar" stylish red carpet.

On the night, Sammi Cheng, Elva Hsiao, Xu Zhian, Tao Hao, Liao Changyong, Sa Dingding, Ding Jianzhong, Asian superstars, and **, Tian Liang’s numerous sports and fashion cross-border guests from home and abroad gathered together and generously dedicated a diversified fashion. feast. In addition to relying on fashion and cross-border power to make China's leather goods industry receive more attention and support, the evening ceremony also adopted the “China Tribute Brand”, “China Leather Capital Contribution Award”, “Leather Logo Cup Award”, and “China In the form of four prize awards for leather goods people, the entire industry was sorted out, and the Chinese leather goods people who are committed to promoting the development of the industry were honored and affirmed.

Dong Zhongwu, vice president of Hung Hom Fashion Group, attended the ceremony and accepted the award on behalf of Hung Ho. He said that the 2012 China Leather Fashion Festival represented a key start for Chinese people to make creative changes to the world leather fashion industry. It is also a belt for Chinese fashion creative life. Great positive energy came. The “China Tribute Brand” Award presented by the Festival represents the recognition of the leather goods industry for Red Dragonfly's efforts over the years. At the same time, it also hopes to take this opportunity to present to the elites in all aspects of the Chinese leather goods industry and all people who influence the era of leather goods in China. pay tribute.

It is reported that this ceremony has attracted many heavyweight guests, including cultural counselors from more than 60 countries and buyers from more than 100 countries and regions, and Michel Adam Lisowski and Alex Wang from President FashionTV, the fashion father of French fashion. Many fashion designers and celebrities within.

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