Visit to China Textile Federation Wang Tiankai "According to the 200 companies that the Home Textiles Association follows and surveys, the current situation of enterprise production and profit differentiation is obvious, and production and benefits are being tilted toward dominant enterprises." This is the 2012 China Textile Industry Federation Chairman Wang Tiankai recently held in 2012 China National Textile Assembly pointed out. Wang Tiankai believes that since the beginning of this year, the operating conditions of the Chinese textile industry have been affected by the lack of domestic and foreign demand, the rising cost of production factors, and the continuing contradiction between domestic and foreign cotton spreads. The pressure on the industry's operations has continued.

National statistics show that from January to September of this year, the total operating income of over 1800 home textile enterprises above designated size increased by 12.1%, which is 2.2 percentage points higher than the national average.

Wang Tiankai said that the development of the home textile industry is relatively stable. According to the analysis report of the home textile industry in the first three quarters, China's textile industry continued to maintain a growth trend, and sales in the domestic market were good. However, the growth rate of production and operation in the industry was slowing. The growth rate of exports to major markets experienced a recovery in the first half of the year. Then there was a certain degree of decline. "China's institutional obstacles in the process of improving the socialist market economy still exist and needs continuous improvement. At the same time, we also need our industry to constantly grasp the direction of its own development and adapt to the current external environment."

Wang Tiankai pointed out that it should be noted that the readjustment of the economic structure by the Chinese government since the beginning of the year, especially the adjustment of the real estate industry, will have a relatively large impact on the home textile industry. At present, the cotton textile management system is not completely a price difference issue, and it will eventually affect the industry's industrial layout and structural adjustment. At present, we can truly achieve scientific development only if we understand the macro environment, understand the problems in the industry itself, and scientifically and reasonably grasp our position.

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