December 8, 2013, China's cashmere yarn color R & D base award ceremony cum Lan spot cashmere 2013/14 popular color conference was held at the China University of Geosciences International Conference Center, the first domestic communication with designers to provide design Exclusive platform for yarn chromatography - Chinese cashmere yarn color research and development base officially listed operation. Zhao Zuoxian, president of China Livestock Products Circulation Association, Li Binhong, vice president of China Fashion Color Association, Zhu Sha, Secretary General of China Fashion Color Association, Du Shuying, director of China Quality Fiber Inspection Bureau and Chen Qinglin, director of Hebei Fiber Inspection Bureau attended the day's activities . Unveiling ceremony Lanlan Cashmere released the 2013/14 fashion color, a "natural world, Lan point there," the cashmere color Kingdom presented in all aspects of the meeting. Mr. Pan Haiyin, professor of Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology, Mr. Zhao Xia, chief color director of China Fashion Color Association, Mr. Kong Xiangguang, chief design director of Zhejiang Kaixiya International Co., Ltd., and Mr. Lin Haojiang, director of Lanlan Cashmere Design Co., Ltd. made wonderful speeches and interactions with the participating designers. We all agree that China's cashmere yarn color R & D base settled Lan spot cashmere, China's cashmere yarn industry also has its own popular color and trend release, which marks the country's cashmere industry to achieve a substantive breakthrough in China's cashmere industry is another Big event. After the completion of the Chinese R & D center of cashmere yarn color will be China's first designer-based, and designers to communicate and collaborate to provide an exclusive platform for the design of cashmere yarn chromatography. "What color do you want?" Based on the designer, giving full play to the designer's influence, the operation of China's cashmere yarn color research and development base will completely solve the color demand problem in the process of cashmere fashion design. Later, each year China's cashmere yarn color research and development base will provide 50 annual international cashmere yarn color, leading the color trend. Reporters learned on the spot, the next step in China R & D of cashmere yarn color base regularly released the latest international cashmere popular color, the base will be expected to develop into a domestic largest color supermarket, with designers as a bridge to form and brand cashmere manufacturers feedback on demand , Returned to a benign interactive pattern of automatic digestion, establish a solid strategic partnership with cashmere manufacturers, leading the color trend, together to create a cashmere color empire. Yang Xiaojun, general manager of Lan Point Cashmere believes that the mission undertaken by China's cashmere yarn color research and development base is very important. With the color and fashion elements that reflect the cashmere value and promote the development of the industry, the Company will provide quality assurance to enterprises by stabilizing high-quality cashmere yarn, International cashmere yarn color trends, to solve the color choice confusion, saving designers time ingenuity, consumers wear bright colors, fashionable cashmere products, which is conducive to breaking the cashmere industry status quo, and promote the win-win all parties in the industrial chain will be China's cashmere industry to achieve the strategic goal of speeding development. On the scene of the conference, Cao Duanxiang, Chairman of Lanlan Cashmere, expressed his thanks to China Fashion Color Association and China Animal Products Circulation Association for representing the cashmere industry. He believes that China Fashion Color Association brings international fashion trends to enterprises and guides enterprises to apply popular colors to products In order to provide consumers with more color choices; cashmere enterprises have been more market information and business ideas under the strong support and guidance from China Livestock Products Circulation Association, the cashmere brands are willing to share their business philosophy and work together for China The sustainable development of cashmere industry should bear the responsibility and obligation. There is a color of the story, with color, quality and culture as the core brand competitiveness, "Thanksgiving, dedication, commitment, and fulfillment," for the purpose of serving Lanlan cashmere in the operation of the China Livestock Association and China Fashion Color Association Vigorously support, in order to repay the industry and society, with designers as a bridge to express business, consumer win-win story, Lan Point cashmere adhere to the "customer win, we can win" win-win philosophy, with many excellent brands in the industry together to create a healthy , Responsibility, win-win industry environment.

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