Lead: Leopard has always been synonymous with sexy, avant-garde, but it is extremely difficult to manage. Some mistakes will be trapped in vulgar traps. In fact, you learned the correct way to wear, and you can easily control the leopard pattern. Xiao Bian This is for everyone to count the tide of a few fashionable women, they will show you a different leopard print outfit tips! Not to be missed practical dress rules which will be sent to you.


Leopard Hoodie jacket has changed the sexy style of the past, with the classic cotton T and high-waisted denim hot pants, with vitality, and then Martin boots as decoration, showing the effect of age-reduction.


Long leopard-leather spell leather jacket style is new, with a white shirt with black feet pants, full slender appearance, red high heels eye-catching, and elongated legs


Loose black knitted shawl shirt with leopard-print feet pants, fashion index acid and alkali burst table, the rivet design of the jacket shoulders and the big brimmed hat undoubtedly does not strengthen the level of sense of style


The green lapel coat and red knit shirt are filled with a strong winter atmosphere, warm and cozy, and the black and white leopard-print inner shirt instantly lightens the overall tone.


A large area of ​​leopard dress is extremely cautious. It will fall into a vulgar trap with a slight carelessness. This is a leopard coat that can be described as a bold one.

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