"CRZ" tide brand casual wear is mainly based on "Pan-80 generation" as the main consumer base for a group of underwear as the core category, across the board to develop stylish personal clothing within the take the brand. A wide range of products with standard profiles, top fabrics, rich colors, personality patterns, special packaging, DIY spirit of life, emphasizing the personal inner feelings, privacy, pay attention to the atmosphere, sense of value, fashion sense, to lead the personal fashion within the new Concept of fashion private goods. 2013 autumn and winter, CRZ focus on quality, product design content to follow the characteristics of the development of scientific and caring product prices, to ensure that products with a high cost-effective at the same time, the design and cost of scientific control, in line with their spending power to meet their purchase needs. CRZ tide brand casual dress to show off youthful passion CRZ tide brand casual dress publicity Youth passion

Bomber Jacket

 A Bomber Jacket is a casual jacket that was originally created for military pilots and eventually became part of popular culture and apparel. It has evolved into various styles and silhouettes including the 'letter man' jacket and the fashionable 'bomber' jacket that is known today.

Classic bomber jacket features multiple pockets, a full-length zipper front, long sleeves with ruched detailing, and a lightweight fill for added warmth.

Ribbed hem and cuffs,baseball collar

Regular fit-true to size

Bomber Jacket

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