FEVER Faye Wong main European fashion, it is not fashionable and assertive, feminine and not complicated; fashionable and stylish, detail and distinctive; with strong, real wear rather than monotonous boring, is both suitable for business office also suitable for leisure and entertainment Fashion commuter equipment, the success of this positioning is to capture the special psychology of the modern white-collar women in pursuit of fashion - both fashion, but also to show the elegant and confident side.


Glanced at the unforgettable Dai Dai in this winter for you to add a touch of spring color, V-neck, double breasted, fashion and classic impact; shoulders, Mao Mao highlight winter warmth

FEVER费艾文时尚通勤装  塑造温婉干练又与众不同的都市女性

Sleeveless mid-sleeved coat, elegant blue invisible in the transmission of a quiet, steady taste, big package buckle and bag eyebrow both practical and played a decorative role

FEVER positions the target consumer group among white-collar workers between the ages of 25 and 40, as well as women who are fashion-conscious. Such people in the FEVER where they gentle and capable and unique, they are good places in a suitable place full of charisma, the constant change is the realm of their pursuit.

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