China's textile and apparel exports in the first three quarters increased by 80% Recently, news from the European Union will completely ban the import of textile products containing environmental hormones, which means that China's textile and garment companies have added a new “threshold” to the EU. This is not the first time that the European Union has raised the standard for imported clothing. According to information from the China Textile Federation, there have been frequent cases of recalls of Chinese textile and garment export products in the first three quarters of this year. This is the only non-food quick warning system in the EU from January to September this year. PAPEX issued 236 notifications on textile and apparel products in China, an increase of 81.54% over the same period of last year.

Authorities summed up the four main reasons why China's textile and apparel products have been repeatedly recalled. First, there are quality and safety issues in exporting apparel. This is a reason that everyone can accept; second, the product quality is acceptable, but the importing country’s The data detected by testing organizations is inaccurate, which means that enterprises are ignorant. Third, the implementation standards of China's export products are not in line with international standards. This is information asymmetry; Fourth, information asymmetry in export enterprises. In addition to the first reason, other reasons should be avoided.

This time, the EU will completely ban the import of textile products containing environmental hormones. This policy has caused the export of EU textile and apparel products to encounter a new “hurdle”. China's garment export enterprises need to raise this standard in exporting EU clothing.

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