The evening of September 22, Dongguan Haoheng Garments Co., Ltd. in Humen International five-star hotel - Winterthur Garden Hotel held a grand theme of "alternative art" 2012 spring and summer new conference, dealers from all over the country gathered , To experience this exquisite creative, colorful visual art journey. Reporters on the scene saw the new conference, the venue with a rare 4D effect, to bring customers extremely shocking visual impact. The live stage lighting completely adopts the international standard. The supermodels of Chinese and foreign countries deduce hundreds of the three series of GI (Beloved) Men's City Classic, Sports and Leisure, High-tech Modern through thematic and scene dynamic show. 2012 spring and summer new products, designed to convey the brand's design style to the new and old customers at the scene. "Sports and leisure" series as one of the main series of new season items, the continuation of the traditional style of casual fashion, in black, white, gray based on the addition of elegant pigment, solid color and soft blend of leisure, classic patterns combined with modern style Print, balance sports and leisure and formal stability of the contradictions advocate a healthy lifestyle; and "Urban Classic" series are focused on personalized design. GI (Beloved) All-new fashion men's wear New natural materials, fresh colors, simple and smooth lines, the design of simple, self-cultivation plate, creating a unique fashion personality taste to meet the young Chinese new generation, senior white-collar workers, corporate upstart , Business elite and other fashion people's consumer demand. GI (beloved) fashion men's clothing is not only unique in product design, workmanship in its surface and accessories also strive to perfection, which emphasizes the precise combination of technology and materials, with its simple and stylish style, beyond reproach quality, a city casual fashion brand The model. It is not only a conservative and gentle gentleman's style, but also revealed the integrity of subtle information, wearing their clothing, dignity and romantic dedication. It is reported that GI (beloved) fashion men's founder Mr. Zheng Jianpei was established in 2001 the brand, with its distinctive, natural, casual style welcomed the majority of customers, thus setting the GI early in the dominance of the fashion industry. The brand in the chain monopoly business model, a strong brand image, rich cultural atmosphere, the successful positioning of the market, a unique mode of operation fully launched the Chinese market. As a brand management chain, GI (beloved) fashion men's clothing embodies the pursuit of perfection marketing strategy in terms of product design, production or sales strategy. With the management concept of "customer first, credit first", GI (Beloved) Fashion Men Harvest more resources for cooperation.

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