As a must-have item for autumn and winter, boots are favored by more and more women. Whether it is a fashion crush or a noble milf, wearing a knee-high boots makes the ratio of temperament and body make up is also sought after by many women. Put on knee boots, you are the queen. This sentence is not false, ultra-high tube design instantly lengthen the leg ratio, showing a perfect body.

However, just a pair of boots is not enough, you also need a noble and elegant clothes, so that not only helps to show your noble elegance and temperament charm, but also for the slightly tonal flavor of winter into a little bit wonderful and beautiful. Gorgeous coat has its usual temperament, but it is inevitable to return to normal, and any dress has been a fur decoration, it seems immediately become noble, and the fact is also true, not only because of fur expensive. There is always the aristocratic temperament, not any other clothes can be shoulder to shoulder.

Look at Europe and the United States fashion outfit, can give you some inspiration?


Winter boots fashion, not just as a warm need, but also a woman's sexy charm, not necessarily sexy stockings, no stockings, contrasting with the white boots and black boots to form a strong Visual impact, in this strong contrast, there is a more unique charm of women, no stockings, do not worry too much, now stockings have too much, a little aesthetic fatigue, then a little nudity, even more of a Trendy avant-garde atmosphere. The upper body is a black fur coat, the perfect combination of sexy and noble, charming sexy, coupled with the noble temperament, a woman really deadly appeal.

打造女王范儿  领略蔓露卡的魅力

Perhaps the boots are too much, a pair of exposed heels are very sexy, especially in the winter boots popular, it is an excellent scenery, however, may be a little cold, but do not have to be too concerned about, After all, grace is still very attractive. The Man Carbs winter series coat, dark gray tone, a kind of refined charm, also seemed so different, if again a little skirt, with the wind blowing in winter, this is part of the summer light, And flying in the cold winter, it is really beautiful.

This winter, do the most dazzling "Man Luka" queen.

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