Kanet children's clothing (International) Limited's main push brand "Kanet Nene Vanneal" was born in 2001 in the fashion capital --- Hong Kong, with a deep brand heritage, professional design and brand new marketing concept quickly and firmly occupy Asian apparel brand market place.


"Renaner Vanneal" brand located in the 25-40-year-old white-collar upstart women, a full range of diversified line design, different styles of life to create a professional dress concept, whether for work, entertainment, life or social party can find the right your choice.

薰奈儿时尚女装 打造百分百的靓丽女人

"Neptune Vanneal" will be popular, functional, comfortable, the perfect combination of both inside and out emphasize the quality and detail of the human design, simple and elegant, stylish and generous as the design purpose, exquisite selection of sophisticated materials, Soft and delicate cut, very artistic design, so that each has a "Vanneal", brand apparel who can experience elegant, stylish, confident feel.
"Kanet Nene Vanneal" clothing allows you to use the most affordable price, to show your elegant, stylish, noble, confident life! !

Tiara / Crown

10Inch-20Inch Tiara,5Inch-10Inch Tiara,3Inch-5Inch Tiara

City Workers And Accessories Factory , http://www.zj-crown.com