Everyone has a dream in their hearts, and each dream needs a suitable soil for one party. Are you going to graduate from college, is it a soft spot for business? Are you interested in becoming a professional manager? Do you want to be among the business community? Yi Er Kang Footwear Group campus recruitment in 2012 is about to start a comprehensive, join us, round your brave, forewarning the dream of commercial sea. The thirteenth reserve cadre recruitment tour is about to start. By then, the recruitment team will walk into universities in Nanjing, Harbin, Tianjin, Taiyuan, Chengdu, Guiyang, Chongqing, Fuzhou and Guilin to announce recruitment plans and training plans to attract outstanding Of the new college graduates join. This round of campus recruitment plans to recruit 80 reserve cadres, who will be arranged in a unified manner, internship and training phases, and eventually embarked on marketing management, product management, administrative personnel management, financial management, financial investment, product design and other positions. So far, the Group has successfully held 12 reserve cadre training camps. Over the years, the training camps have accumulated rich experience in practice and are concerned about the growth of each trainee and guided each trainee to the right position. "Reserve cadre training camp requires students to believe in confidence, adhere to the ideal, encourage students to make unremitting efforts to achieve their dreams." Training Center director Tian Ruijuan introduction. The Reserve Cadre Training Camp is an important way for the Group to cultivate professional managers and reserve reserve forces. The Group has taken a large number of excellent talents to join the concept of employing people with the ability of both ability and political integrity, knowledgeableness and talent, talents used only and talents employed. The Group helps them realize their ideal of life. It not only relieves employment pressure for the society, but also provides personnel guarantee and intellectual support for the continuous development and growth of Yi Er Kang Group.

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