Deep East Hao fashion men's clothing, over the years has been dominated by direct sales, performance all the way Kaige! Since 2012, Shenzhen Donghao Brand has focused on integrating its supply chain and established cooperation with downstream channels to enable franchisees to realize zero inventory! DEG Dongguan Tangxia shop is located in the most prosperous Garden Street. Welcome friends to visit us.

Deep Donghao Menswear Brand Follows the International Trend Dongguan Tangxia Store Grand Opening

Shenzhen Shendonghao Clothing Co., Ltd.'s brand "Shen Donghao" was founded in 2000 and has a history of more than ten years. Shenzhen Shendonghao Clothing Co., Ltd. is a company integrating product design, production, export trade, sales and service. The professional mid-to-high-end men's apparel company has a large-scale production base with complete supporting facilities and advanced equipment. The company uses advanced management experience, advanced scientific management models, and first-rate talents as its strong backing.
DEG HOMME (Deep East Ho) brand style: fashion, simplicity. Age range: 25-45-year-old fashion men, confident, positive, optimistic, with aesthetic appeal and self-assertion, the pursuit of fashion, elegant quality of life. Divided into three major series: classic popular products, style products, fashion products. There are many categories of products, including: pants, shirts, sweaters, windbreakers, jackets, coats, cotton, down and accessories. Brand price: 300-2000 yuan, the main price of spring and summer 300-500 yuan, the main price of autumn and winter 600-1200 yuan.

Website; National Investment Hotline; 4006-0755-29 18607550473

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