The brand's market segmentation is crucial to the business, especially in the highly competitive apparel market. The needs of the apparel market is always different, to meet the consumer demands of different groups, the division of the brand business is a top priority must be done. "Live Man Fan" Busen by 2013 spring and summer new ad blockbusters, released a new brand strategy. The ultimate goal of the brand is positioned to create "excellent men", Busen men dedicated to each Chinese men to provide "decent" and "stylish" wearing experience. To create a world-leading men's brand, not only committed to the ultimate quality of fabrics and craftsmanship, but also to carefully understand the individual needs of consumers, Busen men's HOMME series as the core, and extension of the Busensen SELECTION series, Busen UNIFORM Series, casual fashion sub-brand BSG, while the introduction of the British UKMPLUS company's independent designer brand M + series Mingpulaisi, for all types of men to provide a variety of occasions to dress the election. Busen men's four series introduced: HOMME series: tailor-made for the new business people, to adapt to a variety of business and leisure occasions to wear. The traditional style and the trend of the times synchronized style to create a decent style of the city, respected with a culture, taste, quality of life. SELECTION series: tailor-made for high-end business people classic, timeless dress. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern fashion captures the essence of the traditional European garment making process. The meticulous selection of materials, dedicated to the details of each process, interpretation of the unspeakable exquisite taste, the achievements of men suits the ultimate, won the taste of people enjoy. UNIFORM series: enterprises, groups exclusive modern tailor-made services for the financial, energy, communications, insurance, transportation and other industries many enterprises and institutions to provide high-end customized services. Customized on-demand, professionally designed to create stylish uniforms in line with the modern style to showcase the dignified style of the workplace elite. BSG leisure and fashion brand positioning in the "social city leisure" to "subversion" and "innovation" as the core brand value. The combination of functionality and fashion elements, simple European mix and match style, for the new urban youth to provide a new social leisure options. Independent designer brand M + series / Ming Plass brand introduced to China, "interpretation of fashion, fashion, lead the fashion," a new interpretation of fashion for the Chinese consumers a new fashion trend experience.

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