Yesterday, according to SUSANSAY womens official microblogging report: "Zhejiang Satellite TV new sound generation host Rosie dressed in SUSANSAY Women 2013 SUMMER new hosted Zhejiang Satellite TV" dream five minutes. "This summer, do you still have a dream?"


Luo Xi, Zhejiang TV anchor. July 2012 From China Communication University broadcast presided over the Master of Arts Academy after joining Zhejiang Satellite TV China Blue. Is currently hosting the Zhejiang TV variety benchmarking program "China Dream Show" supporting the daily broadcast program "dream five minutes." The Rosie dressed in SUSANSAY women's 2013 SUMMER new, is the strength of SUSANSAY women's fashion and the best proof of degree, fully proved SUSANSAY women's market welcome!

SUSANSAY women insist elegant, urban, romantic simple mix and match style. A single product will be fine, using a single product mix will be carried out in the end with a simple mix and match to reflect the femininity. Target customers Description: They are urban life style urban women, the psychological age of 25-38 years old, chic and not flamboyant, individuality without alternative, always the appropriate benefits of exudes its own unique fashion with the concept, Randomly revealed exquisite. In the future, SUSANSAY women will continue to use sincerity and hard work, so that modern women in the fashion front. Believe only for the customer recommended clothes, rather than recommend a good clothes for the guidelines.

Men's Winter Clothes style is fit for the winter, so almost basic style use bright-coloured print and dye for fabric, usually casual style needs embroidery and special print in the main parts of clothes or fabric. Nomally winter style in thick material which like cotton, polyester etc, and always in double layer lining and insert down, or use special lining as fur. winter clothes always make connect with hat or fur hat for warm.

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