In Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Chengdu and other first-tier cities in the department store shopping centers, there is a shop full of aristocratic and gentleman atmosphere, attracting tens of thousands of people's eyes - PRUCE BEAR men's clothing store, its simple and modern atmosphere Decoration style and has the elegance of products, so that consumers memorable success of the winning end market! PRUCE BEAR, a dedicated middle-to-high-end fashion brand, its stylish and friendly aristocrats elegant gentleman art unique originality of the SI / VI system perfect blend of fine interpretation of the gentleman culture and connotation, it is inconceivable linger, Savor the classical interpretation of PRUCE BEAR. It is precisely because of each PRUCE BEAR men have a very high flow of people and volume, so that every one joined PRUCE BEAR dealers have succeeded in getting rich. After years of hard work, "PRUCE BEAR" men's clothing's ingenuity design, exquisite workmanship, stylish and elegant style, won the favor of middle-class successful people like, won the mainland market sought after, especially in large and medium-sized cities Recognition. PRUCE BEAR also look forward to more ambitious people to join the PRUCE BEAR to create a first-class men's brand, PRUCE BEAR headquarters will provide unified management, unified management, unified image, a unified display, unified goods, unified pricing, unified training, Unified promotion, so that every franchisees are easy to join, simply rich!

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