1. The spot (the spot refers to the fact that after the two pieces of glass are glued, there is no glue at the part of the bond), the cause of the spot is caused, and the first is because of the problem of the formula of the UV glue itself, and its leveling property is not good; Second, the worker master allows air to enter between the glass during the operation.

2. The water is infiltrated when the bonding surface is polished. After the glass and the glass are bonded, the side of the bonding must be polished to make the product more smooth and beautiful. The reason for water seepage during grinding is that when a worker master operates, there is no UV glue at the edge of the glass. The water resistance of the second glue is not good. 3. When using UV glue, there is a burning situation. Some people's skin only feel itching. Symptoms, but redness, peeling, etc., is the product containing excess acrylic acid, many manufacturers in the market in order to maximize cost reduction, the use of excess acrylic acid.

4, UV glue has a great irritating taste, the main irritating odor is derived from acrylic acid, correspondingly, if the irritating scent is more UV glue, then its burning degree to the skin is also higher.

5, the bonding strength is not enough, most of the glass furniture factories today do not have professional testing equipment, in addition to some large furniture factories, so the concept is based on perceptual knowledge.

6, the side of the bond has white marks, this is also the problem of UV glue itself, the cheap plastic commonly seen on the market will have this situation.

Award Medals

Award Medals is one of our Metal Medals, it`s used for any activities/games/agent/, and no limited for sex and age. Sometimes we make them based on Zinc alloy/iron/brass/aluminum, but zinc alloy is the most popular material, because it`s allowed big size and difficulty designs. For aluminum, could allow a lot of metal base color if you want.


Description of Award Medals:

Item: Award Medal

Process: Die casting/Stamping/Printing

Design: Customized (2D/3D)

Material: Zinc alloy/iron/copper/brass/aluminum

Size: Standard size or custom size

Thickness: Standard size or customized

Plating: Imitation gold/real gold/antique gold/misty gold/silver/misty silver/antique silver/brass/misty brass/antique brass/copper/misty copper/antique copper/nickel/misty nickel/antique nickel/chrome

Color: Custom (soft enamel/hard enamel/synthetic enamel/printing)

Attachment: Ribbon (existing ribbon/logo design by customer)

MOQ: 50pcs 

Usage: Games

Packing: 1pc/ribbon/polybag

QC Control: 100% inspection before packing, spot inspection before shipment

After-sale service: Free replacement if find out any short or defective goods within 90 days after shipment

Sample time: 7-12 days

Production time: 18-20 days


Payment: 100% in advance for small orders; 30% deposit, 70% before shipment for big orders.

Award Medals

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