Summer is coming, couples are planning a variety of sweet travel, sweet and romantic, of course, be careful! What exactly is a magic weapon? Come take a look at the " ancient and modern " girl is how to win the romance it ~


Selection of flexible lace lap continuous visual distortion of the ring flowers, every detail is telling the pursuit of romanticism, Bra main style is more suitable for casual wear, is an integral part of women's wardrobe One member.

古今:夏日缤纷旅行季  做你的内衣私人管家

Magnolia flowers for the original creative concept, with two-color design, decorated with flowers on both sides, surrounded by flowers, simple and exudes the artistic atmosphere, heart-shaped bow embellishment, elegant and romantic full of femininity.

PE tarpaulins are made from HDPE fabric or PP material with both sides LDPE lamination, rust resistant grommets are on sides and corners, with rope reinforced edges.

Because of lightweight, they are easy to carry with, and the price is very cheap.

PE Tarpaulin


  •  High density
  •  UV resistant
  •  Tear resistant and waterproof
  •  Dust resistant
  •  Shrink proof, rot proof
  •  Mould and mildew resistant
  •  Easy folding
  • Sunshade protect


  •  Storage/warehouse/cargo/rail transportation/truck/steamship cover,etc.
  •  Ground sheets
  •  Picnic mats, beach mats, privacy walls, wind protection
  •  Automotive covers, canal lining, wind break for poultry farms, etc.

You can choose any color and any size, the general weight is 55GSM to 350GSM.
According to different quality of PE Tarpaulin, lifespan is half to two years.

Pe Tarpaulin

Pe Tarpaulin,Flexible Tarpaulin,Uv Resistant Tarpaulin,Wearproof Tarpaulin

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