New Year's New Year, Spring Festival is the happiest festival for children, not only can get the lucky money of elders, but also relatives and friends can get in touch with more small playmates. For parents, watching their children grow up day by day, the New Year has grown one year old heart is bound to move. Therefore, during the Spring Festival, mothers are bound to give their children to wear extraordinarily beautiful, so that children enjoy the surprise of the new year and the joy of growth. For boys, the New Year's clothing can not be so bright pink, warm green with vibrant vitality of the yellow to welcome the arrival of the New Year is also a very good choice. Green jacket to bring children full of positive energy, white lamb lapel collar more lovely personality. Green vest plus yellow sweater, color collision more sunshine and vitality. With a casual jeans plus Martin boots, New Year to be a sunshine handsome guy. For the moms, every little girl is a little princess, so in the New Year, moms also like to put more daughters on their daughters. For example, rainbow cat blue rabbit children's clothing white sweater, flounced collar and bow cuffs filled with sweet. With gray vest woolen dress more noble qualities. Department of the British-style bow tie, cute little princess.

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