As a newcomer to the shopping mall, BABY MARY Women's Wear Chengdu Sichuan Beach Store has entered the stage of this SHOPPING MALL with a unique and brand-new store image. When the Red Series is assembled with brand-new upgraded store style, it has aroused the local fashion. Feminine fanatics like it.


Brand Name:BABY MARY

Origin: Hong Kong, China

Area: 180?

Applicable people: 25-48 fashion women

Brand style: European, Japanese, Korean fashion women

Store Address: BABY MARY, B188-1, Shuangliu, Longgang, Haidian, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Opening hours: January 15, 2015

Jiaolonggang Marina Plaza is the most international shoping mall model with the temperament of the modern shopping mall. It is the urban complex with the largest scale in Chengdu South and the highest grades in catering, leisure, entertainment and children's professional experience.

Into the store customers in the HOLD can not afford to love the situation to buy 5, and expressed a very favorite! 5 The performance of a single 13 pieces has made a big splash for this arrival. Congratulations to our Chengdu Beach City Store opening for sale! At the same time, thank us for supervising Zhou Dan's hard work! BABY MARY Beach City welcomes you to fashion hot moms and fashion BABYs.

BABY MARY women's brand - fashion, intellectual, casual, slightly romantic and casual temperament, has become a pioneer in fashion, fashion apparel culture, becoming a new model of fashion personality chase a new model of apparel culture; BABY MARY works capture Europe and South Korea fashion The combination of Pioneer Elemental Art Director, Mr. Zhou Jielang (JUGE), surpasses conventional design talents and pushes each season's work to the forefront of the trend, constantly setting off industry feedback and creating a never-ending surprise for consumers.

BABYMARY as Fast Fashion brand, always follow the latest international trend fashion elements to update each of the fashion models, allowing you to feel the latest international trend elements at the same time, but also dress up every day you are different. At the same time, BABY MARY's big family expects everyone who pursues fashion and knows beauty to join us! Reply "3" to understand BABY MARY around you!

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