Time flies and 2014 is over, but for many companies and businesses, the year ends with a successful conclusion for 2014. For a grand annual meeting, many women will be dressed up to attend, can not avoid wearing gorgeous dress, although the selection of dress easy, but with underwear dress selection is very pay attention to the following with Xiaobian together Look, let you avoid the awkward situation in the annual meeting!


Many dresses for low-cut, halter, body sculpting style, so with the underwear with the dress also need to be different, according to their choice of dress style with underwear!

1, strapless dress

Wear a strapless boutonniere dress, very demanding on the body, should choose removable shoulder strap corset, cup should choose 1/2 cup, because this cup-type bra support enough good. If the flesh on the waist is more, you can choose one-piece style, you can tighten the waist and back of the excess fat.

2, low-cut V dress:

For the sexy low-V evening dress, should choose the lower center of the front design bras, cups cover a smaller area, with a good side of the chest gathered chest effect.


3, luxurious sense of evening dress

Wearing a small dress with a luxurious feel, the bra should choose the type of choice with Bra lace style, beautiful lace not only increase the luxury of women expensive expensive feeling, even a little exposed outside will not look embarrassed, But it will reveal sexy.

4, halter dress

Sexy halter dress, should choose on the choice of bra, lightweight stealth underwear, even if the color of the dress is relatively shallow, it is not easy to see through the shape, and the non-chest strap invisible underwear and no side belt design so that women no longer suffer underwear shoulder Belt and side band bundle, so that wearing a halter dress you are not embarrassed!

Image Source: Impression Lady brand underwear


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