2014 has passed, LESIES family most looking forward to what? That's right, it's the year-end party of our little friends! Pinch count, countdown only two weeks time yeah!

In this era of spellings, LESIES will not be out of date, Crouching Tiger dragons LESIES partners have prepared a number of surprises and blinding blinds high force grid awards, waiting for you to flip! As a sincere, sincere , Intimate service to fans Xiaobian, then, is the much-anticipated spoiler moment!


In fact, from the end of 2014, LESIES 2015 Annual Meeting of the "Gossip" continue to spread, the annual meeting of the preparatory team sincerely invite LESIES's friends to attend the annual party!

Have you ever imagined that you are noble and beautiful? Or brave Iron Man Batman? Or is it popular popular run brothers, Tomb Raider and so on? Each small partner can dress up as his favorite movie characters, set foot on the red carpet LESIES annual meeting under the flash. There are exciting activities on-site 3D pictures, more micro-channel photo printer interact with you.

Well, no doubt, LESIES 2015 will go, is both creative and high-speeding it! Xiaobian from the official news of the sauce is purple sauce (absolutely reliable Oh):

LESIES 2015年会亮点大剧透  这样的年会确实蛮拼的

Event Time: February 7, 2015

Form: Imagine yourself okay?

Moderator: Who is it? Who is it?

Performer: Are you sure? really?

We guess active staff: the pursuit of fashion, love life, LESIES family

Duration: Hi, who cares?

Of course, the site of the LESIES small partners also appeared in the essence of the character.

Our annual meeting of LESIES reject false positive! Refuse to put gentle! Refuse mediocrity! Refuse to exaggerate! High grid of course, of course, high-end grid program ~ dance, drama, skit, singing everything ~

February 7, 2015 Let us wait and see the collective countdown ing

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