Jade carving master Qilai "Huashan On Sword"

On the 26th, Sanlian Crystal Jade Cultural Village master gathered, the first "Tri-Union Elite Engraving Contest" kicked off here, the highest level of jade carving in Shenzhen gathered in this "Huashan on Sword", on-site design, sculpture and submit with independent intellectual property rights The work was submitted to a professional review team for analysis of artistry and skill difficulty, scored on the spot, and rated the best of the series. Award-winning and outstanding works will be exhibited at this year's Expo.

Under the lamp's lighting, along with the uniform cutting sound, the engravers were carefully crafted and buried their heads. The fine masterpieces such as the blessings and goodness of the goddess, the life-like jade cabbage, and the superb landscapes gradually emerged.

Good work requires fine workmanship and originality

“According to site design and carving process, score points, submit original works, submit them to the professional assessment team for analysis of artistic and technical difficulty, and judge the best of the series. Award-winning and outstanding works will be exhibited at this year’s ICIF.” The judges visited the scene. Zheng Qingming, executive vice president of the Sanlian Crystal Jade Cultural Association, told reporters.

Wang Shuxun’s judges, who have more than 50 years of carving experience, said that judging the merits of a work depends on factors such as design concepts, material quality, fine workmanship, and creative speed. In the design, only the “textures to be processed, the colors to be separated, and the cracks to be avoided” can be considered as qualified works. For an award-winning masterpiece, it is necessary to meet “the color is just right, the fine workmanship is beautiful, the creativity is meticulous and original”.

Engraver's annual salary can reach 2 million

It is understood that the triple crystal jade industry originated in the 90s of the last century, Hong Kong and Taiwan jewelry traders here to find OEM. Craftsmen from Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Henan, Beijing and other places gradually gathered to become the pioneers of the triple industry. Since 2007, Sanlian has become one of the venues of the ICIF.

“The triple jade carving master ranks among the top in the country, and many of my apprentices have become national masters.” Xu Wucheng, executive vice chairman of the Sanlian Crystal Jade Cultural Association, is a Taiwanese and is one of the earliest jade carving masters in Shenzhen. More than 40 years.

"We have recently dug a good craftsman with an annual salary of 2 million yuan. As long as the craftsmanship is good, a few million yuan in annual salary will be paid." Xu Wucheng said.

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