Alas, a loud girl jewelry brand, professional for the majority of girls to provide high-quality fashion accessories. March 2014, alas, jewelry is about to re-visit China International Fashion Fair, to show the charm of young fashion. Booth No .: W3C08. Oops Jewelry Chain Co., Ltd. uphold the "parity, fashion, enthusiasm, joy" business philosophy, through the unremitting efforts of all staff and franchisees, only a few years time, the retail industry has rapidly changed the rules of the game and won The majority of young and trendy women's consumers sought after and support, and 2.436 billion yuan of brand value to become the industry's only "China 500 most valuable brands", becoming China's first brand jewelry. At present, hey ah in the country already has thousands of chain stores throughout the country a number of provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, China's largest jewelry chain. Alas, the implementation of unified logistics and distribution franchise stores, store design fashion, professional training staff, franchisees to fully ensure the profitability of companies and franchisees in order to achieve win-win situation. Management information network to achieve e-commerce, the company building a computer business network system, the establishment of the management, production and sales of all aspects of the computer terminal network to achieve internal resource sharing and network management. Product development, the establishment of a fashion buy handmade and Oops ah product development center. In Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, there are Oh fashion buyers, always hold the trend of fashion around the world. Oops, product research and development centers are also developing the most IN each day, the trendiest fashion products, accumulated more than 10,000 kinds of new jewelry each year. In the brand promotion, the company uses the brand image of the spokesman, met with Hong Kong's famous movie star --- Ying children, the famous Chinese presenter - Li Xiang, Hong Kong popular days - Ah Sa, Asia's top women's day group S · H · E and Taiwan fans Magic Prince Yoga Lin signed. Brand promotion and public relations activities and brand image advertising combination of the three strategies, and in the "sweetheart", "family", "girlfriend", "business", "fashion", "Xin Wei", "boutique shopping guide" Ruili "," China Fashion Brands Network "and other media for advertising, always grasp the dynamic fashion brand style.

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