Time is changing, fashion is changing, it is impossible to decorate the same floor, and now the clothing store decoration is more and more fashionable, and then not upgrade OUT, West Kou women catch up in the forefront of fashion, the store new luxury upgrades debut, low profile Design, luxury experience, come together to experience Xiaobian it.

西蔻 - SIEGO

好消息!西寇女装店铺升级 奢华登场

We do not need high-end atmosphere on the grade of high-profile sense, but must be understated luxury has meaning. West Kou women's clothing store upgrade to black, body low-key decoration, you hold live? Mainly in black, light-colored series of light background wall design, color, style brisk, the overall black and white series of decoration style, coupled with dazzling clothing styles, so you see the new West Kou.

好消息!西寇女装店铺升级 奢华登场

好消息!西寇女装店铺升级 奢华登场

The image is changing, our fashion concept is changing, every year's styles are different, you visit the clothing store is also different. West Kou women's new store image, want to go under patronage? New look, your mood is not the same? Simple and luxurious black and white with, so that your mood is also beautiful with the clothing color up.

Infrared thermometer is a measurement tool that USES the principle of radiation to measure the body temperature. The infrared sensor it USES only absorbs the infrared radiation of human body and does not emit any rays to the outside world. It senses the body temperature through non-contact methods. The infrared thermal radiation of the human body is focused on the detector, and the detector converts the radiated power into an electrical signal, which can be displayed in units of temperature after the ambient temperature is compensated. After starting the machine, just point the probe to the center of the front forehead -- above the brow and keep it vertical. The measuring area should not be blocked by hair. If there is sweat, wipe it off, distance from the forehead is recommended to be about 3-5cm. Press the measurement button and the measurement data can be obtained in a few seconds. Ningbo Younker non-contact infrared thermometer is relatively safe and accurate, suitable for the elderly, children, hospitals, families, and public places to use.


Infrared thermometer:

 1. Name: Infrared thermometer

 2. Measurement distance: 3-5cm

 3. Measure Range: 35-42℃

 4. Size: normal size

 5. Printing method: Silk Screen Print,Roller Print,Heat Transfer Print

 6. Measure Unit: Fahrenheit/Centigrade switchable digital thermometer

 7. Color: White, Blue,Purple

 8. Logo: Accept Customized Logo

 9. Usage: non contact forehead

10. Accuracy: ±0.3℃

11. MOQ: 3000PCS

12. OEM/ODM: Accept

13.Certificate: CE,FDA,ISO ETC

Infrared Thermometre

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