After the release of the spring and summer clothing show for the 09th half a year ago, the editors finally saw in the early spring those imaginary clothes and footwear bags on the T stage. Fashion lovers can't wait to list the extras for the wardrobe in spring and summer. The editors here can help you and summarize the trends of footwear this season to guide you.

3.1 Phillip Lim Python Pattern Lotus Leaf Decoration High Heels

Keywords: python pattern, lotus leaf

The young designer can always bring out the classic elements. This time, the mature python skin is made into the lotus leaf's lovely shape and decorated with high-heeled shoes. The old-fashioned python skin presents a new appearance.

D&G pink lace open toe high heels

Keywords: pink silver stitching, lace, open toe

The light mood of spring and summer is expressed by the soft colors such as pink and silver. The designer splices light pink, light gold, light silver and black, and uses the classic styles of polar python, lace and fish mouth. Take vacation trips to create beautiful shoes.

GIAMBATTISTA VALLI pink crocodile leather high heels

Keywords: pink, clogs soles, crocodile skin

The extremely shallow shoe mouth is more sexy because it exposes more of the foot surface, and the extremely high heel is tempting because of danger. The sole of the Japanese geisha casket has a pioneering modern shape because of its inspiration.

Givenchy nude color high heels

Keywords: nude color, court pattern

The trendy colors of spring and summer footwear basically follow the fashion colors of spring and summer and present soft colors such as nude color and pink color, so that they can blend with clothing, and at the same time the soft color of similar skin color can extend the proportion of body. , make your figure grow longer. Givenchy's bare-colored shoes are hollowed out of the palace pattern in the upper, consistent with its consistent court Gothic style.

Louis Vuitton apricot crocodile wedge high heels

Keywords: wedge, pastel, crocodile

The wedge-shaped high-heeled dress makes you unconsciously increase the altitude without letting you see the high scary heel, which is one of the important reasons for its popularity. Louis Vuitton apricot wedge high heel in the sole of the same color wood soles and design is integrated into one, and the cut-out under the toe shows a breakthrough in the design of the new season, there is a break.

Marni mosaic tapered high heels

Keywords: splicing, taper

The ergonomically designed forefoot soles are highlighted in white to highlight their design curves. This looks slightly out of tune with the red uppers. However, the designer adds a black and white pattern strap buckle to climb. Compatible splicing designs are among them because the unification of contradictions highlights the wonders of the design.

NINA RICCI Blue Satin Patent Satin Patent Heels

Keywords: material mix and match, geometric modeling

The blue-and-green color that blends in with some green and black colors is the fashion color of the season. Designers use silk satin and old patent leather to make the design of the heel and the front upper respectively, which makes it different, and the geometrical toe tip and The use of riveted details in the design of the silver-gray soles adds sleek, stylish styling.

VERCACE purple platform shoes

Keywords: purple, super high heel, thick bottom

The high-heeled design of more than 12cm looks much safer because of the thick sole's forefoot design, and the simple button design is not monotonous, because the purple and gold splicing part of the platform narrates the essence of luxury in a low-key manner.

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