The economic crisis can also create winners and losers. A better defense is offense. The quicker way to make a company go bankrupt is to do nothing and wait for the economic recovery. No matter what industry you work in, the "business as usual" mentality will lead to the company's rapid demise. You must constantly innovate and keep up with the race of time. Adopt a new way to promote your product enhancement service.

Strategy 1: Consider important things and look at your working hours.

No matter how big your business is, give yourself a psychological hint: you are the more successful businessman in the industry. So you are quite precious in a minute and a second. How much time do you have wasted by cumbersome work? And these jobs are clearly what others can do for you. You should put your time and energy on something more important.

Strategy 2: Be different in the competition and stand out from the crowd.

For example, Jordan Furniture stores have a significant share of the domestic furniture market. Because they switched to the traditional business model, they were called "entertainment shopping." In order to surprise employees and customers, their boss Barry and EliotTatleman personally dressed as a lone ranger, riding a high horse in their parking lot; they also set up an Imax theater in a store, when adults buy things Their children can have fun here.

Strategy 3: Every time the past month, consumers lose 10% of their spending power.

To avoid the loss of your customers, you need to create a consumer database and maintain regular contact with them. Mail them some postcards, birthday cards, etc., and put your name, phone number and your quality service in their minds.

Strategy 4: Collect E-mail addresses.

When you have a friendly relationship with your customers, remember to ask them for an e-mail address. Send them your newer materials on a regular basis and record them on your customer list. Try to make customers want to receive your emails, so your email becomes an efficient and inexpensive marketing tool. We can use the Fox Pizzeria to set the pizza price at $1.40 in 1970 on the anniversary. You can get this tempting coupon as long as people click on their website and enter their email address. And this is the case, the pizzeria has collected more than 500 e-mail addresses in just 2 days.

Strategy 5: Stay away from those who are covered in long thorns.

It is estimated that no one wants to hire sharp, unfriendly employees who not only take your money but also drive away your customers. Spend more time and money on interviews and hire helpful employees.

Strategy 6: Online sales can bring you a substantial income.

So now is the time to sell your products and services online.

Strategy 7: Develop customer service disciplines to constrain employee behavior.

The BatesAce hardware store in Atlanta has created a “customer service 20” disciplinary rule. For example, when the customer does not know where the needed things are, the employee has to accompany the guests to walk over, instead of just pointing at them. They write these rules and regulations on a small card, and employees must carry it with them when they work. In addition, supervisors are required to check the work on a daily basis in order to recognize employees.

Strategy 8: Fully understand the market and take advantage of your strengths.

Although it is now a period of economic downturn, there are still many good business opportunities hidden. Closer to the United States, there is a special type of toilet paper. The pattern printed on each piece of toilet paper is actually the face of bin Laden, and the words "Join the anti-terrorism camp" are printed below. I don't know how much money this product makes, but he does attract a lot of people's attention.