The texture exuded by the leather dress creates a domineering, confident woman. Leather is the hot autumn and winter of this year, carmen designers from the profile and details, have underfooted enough effort.

卡蔓 - Carmen

With the upcoming fall and winter of 2012, the thermal index of leather will not be lessened, and more and more big stars are increasingly keen to add their own fashion indices in the cool autumn seasons! This is to make leather skirts come out on top of the list of "the most sought after stars," from the A word skirt, pencil skirt, to the one-shoulder tight skirt, stitching dress ... ... can think of all the dresses Style, readily available in the fashion of your eyes.

Card Man carmen design philosophy is to let many fashion people can be a variety of options, find beautiful pieces of armor that truly their own.

Non Stick Chip Baskets/Non Stick Oven Basket/Crisp Chips Basket is special for making chips,and our patent of sealing ways, make no drops at all. Easier to take it off from oven or microwave, it's also valid for many other foods.
The Non-stick chips basket allows perfect heat circulation around chips, compared with traditional way, you don't need to fry it in oil, it's clean and healthy cooking! There's a side reinforcement sealing type, it's more easy to take it by hand, and protect the food from any mesh drops.

The General Characteristics is:

  1. 100% non-stick
  2. Re-usable
  3. Open mesh allows heat recirculation around food, perfect cooking!
  4. Special for chips, no need to wrong about the drops
  5. Microwave and oven are safe up to 260°C
  6. Easy to clean, simply wash and dry between uses
  7. Complies with food regulations, was approved by FDA, LFGB etc.

Non Stick Chip Baskets

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