"When I was wearing clothes made of linen or bamboo fibers, it felt as if my skin had been supplemented with oxygen and the skin seemed to be able to receive the breath of the clothes from the plants." The 37-year-old Kaya was immersed in plants Fabric to bring her pleasure. Following the cotton and linen, people have developed some unexpected plant fabrics. They are simple to manage, machine washable; environmentally friendly features that allow us to fully enjoy the efficacy of plants. Wearing these clothes, which are endowed with "spiritual connotation," these plants, from bath towels to casual wear, make us feel indifferent and calm even in the face of noisy life. Bamboo: Antibacterial A knitted vest made of "bamboo fiber" is delicate in texture and bright in color. It is pleasing to the eye, even without any custom at all. Our body can stretch comfortably and freely. Restricting the natural feel, make a handmade or woven wool vest extravagant. Features: antibacterial, deodorant, easy to dry, wrinkle-free, can promote blood circulation. Where can I buy bamboo fiber products? There are dream fox brands in the Wal-Mart; Carrefour's supermarkets, Tex's pillows, bath towels and bathrobes are based on bamboo fiber; the mail-order company Les 3 Suisses and apparel brands Mango, DKNY, Fashion shirt; Barbara brand of underwear, can let you enjoy the benefits of bamboo fiber. Corn: a strong fabric made of corn fiber without wrinkles, with the shape, soft. At the 2004 Young Designers Competition, it inspired Diesel's inspiration. In the same year, Versace Sporting Goods Inc. produced tops and T-shirts with corn fiber. Today, the French people use it again to make duvet and pillows. Features: warm, perspiration, easy to ignite where to buy them? In the mall, they usually appear in the "colored cotton" clothing beside, looking for a look, there must be a surprise. Algae: Regenerative Mineralization Brown or red seaweed from Iceland contains a man-made fiber extracted from wood pulp that has a magical power that dissipates active agents into the human skin for comfort . Ekyog, an environmental fashion house based in France, believes that Thai super-light pants made from this material are the perfect clothes for meditation. Features: In the body's humidity conditions, it will release nutrients such as calcium and magnesium. Promote human metabolism, replenishment of the skin, enhance flexibility. On this basis, people give it the function of accelerating wound healing and relieving emotions. Where can I buy them? At home, we seldom see textiles of seaweed fibers. Soy: Follow Serge Bensimon's belief that soy protein fibers have a sleek form factor that also makes our skin more delicate and smooth. When the company blends soy fiber with cotton to make T-shirts, skirts and pullovers, one imagines the creation of a skin-friendly garment. The "Les 3 Suisses" company also uses it as pants, skirts and knit tops. Japanese manufacturer Angle-Miyuki think it is very flexible, from 2004 onwards, using it to design a series of lingerie. Features: Thermal insulation does not affect the perspiration. Anti-bacterial, difficult to tear, easy to dry. Where can I buy them? of course. River days velvet silk fiber limited liability company to develop this from soy protein fiber fabric. They use purely spun soybean fiber, or blended with a variety of fibers, woven into a new fabric can produce high-end clothing and home textiles. FORTEI brand sports underwear also has a full range of soy protein nutrition underwear.

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