Yingzi beauty , a beautiful brand, sharing happiness brand, the leading brand of China fashion underwear chain. Over the years adhering to the "parity, fashion, beautiful, happy," business philosophy, is committed to research and meet the needs of fashionable women consumers, the rapid occupation of the Chinese fashion underwear market, by the authority as the most appraised as "the most joining value of China's garment industry Top Ten Preferred Brands. "


The same is not the same as the elegant underwear, brasiless underwear brand with a unique perspective to create a superb fashion underwear brand. Yingli Belle brand underwear with its fresh and stylish style won the majority of female friends, pro-Lai, and now, Yingli Belle brand underwear as if the petty bourgeoisie fashion must transform a single product.

打造夏日美丽精灵 英姿丽人内衣

Yingli beauty brand underwear is the international brand underwear Yingli International Limited underwear brand, Yingli beauty brand lingerie with colorful and decent personality, personal comfort and extraordinary feeling, formed its own unique charm, leading the petty bourgeoisie Fashion concept.

It has the characteristics of lightness, comfort, easy-care, fashion and reasonable price.

Over 20 years growth, the company has cultivated a team of experienced technical and management staff and owned the modern facilities and automatic assembly lines from dyeing, knitting, finishing and deep processing.

Meanwhile, the company always follows the fashion steps, continuously innovates and develops new products, and improves the management and service ability.

The upscale faux fox fur and Knitting Wool products reach the domestic and international high level. Products have been exported to the United States, Australia, Japan, Russia and Vietnam. In addition, according to the report from international accredited testing institutions, the test of formaldehyde in some products is ND level. The company receives high praise from the international specialists.

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