On September 13, 2010, the seminar on the future development trend of apparel retail industry in Zhejiang was held in the conference room of Lishui International Hotel. Experts from the field and distributors from the apparel industry warmed up the development trend of the clothing retail industry and some problems existing in the clothing retail industry. discussion.

It is understood that this seminar is sponsored by the Zhejiang Garment Industry Association and China Garment Network; co-organized by Zhejiang Capital Investment Promotion Association, China Fashion News, and Shanghai Luohao Garment Co., Ltd., and will be held in various places in Zhejiang Province. The seminar held in Zhangzhou has caused a strong response in the local area.

The meeting firstly delivered a splendid speech by Mr. Jin Zhonghao, a member of the Zhejiang Garment Industry Association. He said that with the further deepening of economic globalization, the pace of the domestic apparel market has been accelerating, which has brought great development to domestic garment companies. With the pressure, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce and it is getting harder and harder for the garment sales industry. Therefore, the future of the clothing retail industry competition will pay more attention to the store's environment, the clerk's service and product quality. To sum up, there are four sentences: First-class shops sell culture, second-rate shops sell brands, third-rate shops sell products, and four-stream shops sell hardies.

Then, Ms. Wang Hongyan, the manager of China Garment Network International Station, the largest portal of the apparel industry in China, gave a wonderful speech to the dealers present. With the popularization of the Internet and the continuous development of information technology, the distance between time and space has become shorter and shorter, and the trend of popularity has also become faster and faster. In the past, the transmission of fashion information from first-tier cities to second-tier cities has been at least It will take a year, now it only takes a week, and many new international brands are listed globally. In this context, if the apparel retail industry practitioners continue to travel between the wholesale market and shops, it is hard work. In today's environment, dealers must start thinking and change the status quo through learning. Nowadays, some brand enterprises have also begun to consider for the distributors and introduce the latest affiliate model. It is believed that in the near future, this zero-inventory, package-profit, and risk-free package management model will eventually become mainstream.

The final highlight was the brilliant theory of terminal sales management that was shared by distributors from Zhejiang University’s private education research center, senior Guanghua lecturer, and deputy secretary-general of Zhejiang Merchants Capital Investment Promotion Co., Ltd., Guomin Reality, which caused the resonance of every distributor present. . It is reported that Guo Min is not only an expert in the investment consulting field, but also a pioneer in the private education industry, and is also a senior lecturer in the terminal retail industry. His analysis of terminal sales can be described as a three-point score. First of all, he analyzed that the most important thing for customers when visiting a clothing store is the service of the clerk, followed by the product, and the high-quality service is the key factor to ensure that the customer does not lose. Then, he also emphasized the entire store's space construction, as well as the design of the facade and product display, both image and data analysis, so that dealers at a glance, very easy to understand. Best of all, he analyzed the retail industry's life cycle and specific practices to improve sales performance. The dealers from time to time jot down the wonderful statement of the lecturer Guo Min. From time to time he also asked questions and discussed with the lecturer Guo Min. The atmosphere was very strong.

The seminar was very successful on the whole, and the help to the apparel dealers was extremely huge. A child clothing dealer on the scene told reporters that through this seminar, there has been further development in apparel retailing. She has benefited a lot and made a worthwhile trip. She hopes that such seminars can be held in the future.


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