Hengda Group Releases China's Leather Industry Qingdao Green** On August 28, at the “2010 Hengda Group Innovation Annual Meeting”, Hengda Group and the China Leather Association officially signed the “China Leather Industry Environmental Responsibility Book” and jointly issued the “China Leather Industry Qingdao Green**” to become the national The first company to sign an environmental responsibility letter with the China Leather Association. Hengda is practicing corporate social responsibility with his own practical actions.

According to Wang Jiwan, Chairman of Hengda Group, “The traditional industry as an energy-consumption type in the leather industry faces severe challenges in a low-carbon economy. The event was held mainly to promote more companies to practice development. The social responsibility of a low-carbon economy promotes the development of a low-carbon society."

As a shoemaking company with a high sense of social responsibility, Hengda Group not only attaches great importance to green energy conservation and environmental protection of the production process, products and surrounding environment, but also devotes itself to promoting the green and low-carbon awareness of the entire leather industry and even the entire society. The many innovative achievements of Hengda Xu are developed based on this purpose. In particular, the "seamless leather bonding technology" demonstrated at the annual conference of innovation can be used for the country if it is promoted in the leather industry in the country. Saving 73.5 million head of cattle can play a major role in the conservation of the entire social resources and environmental protection. On the afternoon of the same day, "Henda Group's appraisal meeting for new products, new technologies, and scientific and technological achievements in 2010," Hundida also released more than 20 new products such as "a new TR material's sole weaving technology" and "low-carbon shoemaking technology". Low-carbon innovations.

In the process of producing green products through innovation and developing a low-carbon economy, Hengda has created a harmonious green industrial chain, striving to reduce waste of costs and resources, create broader social values ​​and ecological values, and promote the health of the entire industry. And sustainable development. On the one hand, with the help of advanced information and digital platforms, we have created an efficient industrial chain and achieved efficient and cost-effective production. On the other hand, Hengda actively innovated its marketing model and implemented the most popular “fast-moving model” in the world, realizing the “consumer” and the “producer” face to face, shortening the turnaround time of products, saving resources and costs, and It can adapt to the market trend of the cyclicalization of the shoe industry and the diversification of consumer demand under the low-carbon economy.

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