Recently, I have heard people say that the jade jade market is cold, the price of jade jade is fluctuating, and the price will definitely fall in the future. It seems that many people believe that the price of Hetian jade will turn sharply in the future, but this is true. Just a rumor?


The jade market is cold? Truth or rumor?

Since entering the 21st century, the jade market has always been a hot investment market. The jadeite jade attracts many people's purchases with its beautiful appearance, traditional culture and its own value preservation. The jade market has also risen with the rise of water, and the price has been rising all the way. It is now an unprecedented prosperity.

But in recent years, these "crazy stones" are no longer so crazy, the price increase has been restrained, and even the price of many jade has fallen, and some shops are also on the verge of shutting down. Compared to the hot market a few years ago, today's jade market is really not prosperous, and some merchants who start late are not able to earn much.

But do you think the jade market is really cold? In fact, people who like jade are still in a minority. In the past double-element shopping carnival, the online sales of major jade and jade merchants have been greatly improved, and the sales of a well-known brand has even exceeded 100 million yuan. Who is still hot about the jade market?

Of course, it is undeniable that the price in the jade market has been restrained to some extent, and some jade prices have even begun to show some decline. Therefore, some small-scale physical merchants will inevitably encounter some economic crisis and may not be able to stick to their own stores. So many physical stores have been shut down, so there is a saying that the jade market is cold. But this does not mean that all jade prices are in danger of falling. The prices of popular jade like Nanhong and beeswax are still rising.


Hetian jade prices will fall? Truth or rumor?

Since some people say that the jade market is cold, then Hetian jade must bear the brunt, and Hetian jade is the most representative of jade, so it is inevitable to talk about Hetian jade when mentioning jade.

The jade market is cold, and the price of Hetian jade is falling? Perhaps many jade have indeed stopped rising prices, and even some declines, but these are just some middle and low-grade jade, jade like Qinghai jade and Russian jade. But what about Hetian jade? After consulting a lot of friends who sold jade, they got a unified reply - the price of Hetian jade, steady and rising!

As for the reasons, Xiaobian also consulted with relevant people, and the reason why Hetian jade price is high is very simple. Hetian jade is produced in the Hetian area of ​​Xinjiang, but after thousands of years of mining, mineral resources have been extremely scarce, and the country has severely restricted the amount of Hetian jade, so the annual output of Hetian jade is very rare.

Moreover, the flood of the Longkash River in the main producing area of ​​Hetian jade is more serious, which makes the mining difficulty become larger. Therefore, the cost of Hetian jade seed material becomes larger, which also makes the price of Hetian jade impossible to fall! For some of the better quality high-end Hetian jade prices are only ups and downs, and there is no market price!


It is precisely because of the long-term rise in the price of Hetian jade, so there will always be news that the price of Hetian jade will fall, and it will often be noticed by many people. I believe that many jade investment collectors will be nervous when they hear the price drop of Hetian jade, for fear that the Hetian jade they bought will become worthless, but at least it seems that the price of Hetian jade will not be greatly affected, especially It is a good quality Hetian jade is more valuable and no market!

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