If you use an animal to describe a woman, do you feel like a butterfly? From the caterpillar beautifully transformed butterfly, open the beautiful wings, with elegant dance, in the sky draw an elegant and charming curve, but also as a woman dressed up, there are ugly duckling gorgeous reversal of the white swan. Delicate women, beautiful and elegant, do not stop love yourself, Xiao Ban recommend Banana Baby women for you, take a look at it.

Banana Baby

Sweet Japanese style, as many girls do not want to pull out the hearts of the dream. Taro purple coat, with a white sweater, comb a sweet and lovely side points twist braid, reduced age and sweet. Lower body exposed slightly printed hot pants, fashion can stretch the perfect lower body ratio.

Banana Baby女装演绎甜美日系风 丑小鸭华丽逆转为白天鹅

Want a retro feel, with simple elements you can easily do. This set of clothing, with wine red waist pants to create a stylish retro feel. Gray jacket coat, chest letters and love design, for the girl to bring playful cute sweet atmosphere, so you not beautiful will not work.

Chiffon Embroidery Fabric

The Chiffon Embroidery Fabric includes 3D Chiffion Laser Cut Embroidery Fabric.Sequins Embroidery On Chiffon Fabric.

Poly Mesh Chiffon Embroidery Fabric

The Chiffon Embroidery Fabric is suitable for summer woman garment ,which also for party dress.Most of these designs are designed by ourselves and you will see that it't very popular and pretty.

Shine 3mm Print Sequins Chiffon Embroidery Fabric

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