When the glass coating is sprayed, the glass base needs to be carefully treated to achieve better results. Then, what kind of treatment does the glass need to be applied? The Repham smart coating takes you familiar with the preliminary preparations before the construction of the glass coating.

Tool preparation

Spray bottle, detergent, alcohol, rag, glass scraper, protective tape, plastic protective film, foil paper, etc.

Border protection

Wipe the joint around the window frame with alcohol, attach a protective tape, and cover the plastic film so that the water or liquid does not get on the window frame.

Base surface treatment

The cleaning of the base surface is very important. The success of the coating is 80% depending on whether the glass base is smooth or not.

1. Wet the rag, apply a proper amount of detergent, and clean it on the surface of the glass. The foreign matter that should not be wiped off should be scraped with a scraper. Be careful not to scratch the glass;

2. Wipe the surface of the glass with a dry rag and dry it as much as possible;

3. Fill the water with a sprayer, firstly pour water clockwise, and watch the direction of the water flow so that it can be better coated during construction, and then wiped clean with a dry rag;

4, then use a rag to dilute the glass surface with a proper amount of alcohol, and then wipe it dry;

5. Rack the collector at 5mm at the bottom of the glass so that the drenched liquid can be recovered during construction without wasting or contaminating the window sill, wall and floor.

The pre-preparation of the glass insulation coating before construction also determines whether it can be successful once. Therefore, when the glass insulation coating is applied, the surface of the glass is clean, and the preliminary construction preparation must be carefully handled, otherwise the coating will not be caused. Ideally, even failures require repainting, wasting liquids for glass insulation coatings.

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