Jade pendant, jade is also called jade. The color is mainly green, and there are red, yellow and white. The red is called ç¿¡, the green is called ç¿ . The standard of merit is color and ground. On the color of green as expensive, the thicker and fresher the better; the ground is to be transparent, clean, with a sense of moisture, commonly known as "glass ground." The jade print with good color quality is difficult, it is the king of jade seal, and the price is extremely high.

First, A goods: jade raw materials and finished products, all true, no one is working fake, the goods are genuine. High-grade jade has property, value preservation and investment. Not only material wealth, but also spiritual wealth. Because these high-grade jade products are rare and less and less. Many people who do the jade trade have rarely encountered such products. Its price is rising. Some of the finest jadeite products, such as bracelets, saddle rings, necklaces and some jade artworks, can cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars or even tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars. Some rich people have reached a level of madness in pursuit of such finished products.

Second, B goods: the bottom of the gray and dirty, water (transparency) is poor, but the green and the color of the middle and lower jade raw materials or finished products, physical and chemical treatment, remove its dirt, increase its water, Make it change the bottom and water, and better set off the original green. This kind of jade that has been processed but not artificially colored is called B goods. The physical and chemical treatment of B goods is to improve the grade of jade, but by processing the structure that has destroyed the jade, it becomes loose, reduces its quality, and changes some of its optical and physical properties. This can't be much lower than the untreated jade.

Third, C goods: the treatment method is the same as the B goods, the difference is that the colorless, green is lighter or greener, and the jadeite finished by the artificial method is called C goods. The difference between B goods and C goods is that B goods only go dirty, increase water without artificial coloring, while C goods sometimes need to be artificially colored in addition to dirty water. The jadeite with good bottom water can be directly colored. (Note: Jade merchants are used to refer to transparency as the head of the water. "Bottom" refers to the cleanliness and transparency of the green part of the jade and the part outside the green.)

Emerald Pendant & amp 4, color: jade is best with green, purple is second, cyan and red are second, and the worst is black and "cat ochre". Green also has advantages and disadvantages, green leaves are better, green is better than light green, green is better than one point, one piece, one piece of green.

5. Hang Hau: It refers to the texture of jade ornaments. Divided into old pits and new pits, the texture of the old pit is translucent and almost transparent. The new pit texture is opaque. It is better to have high transparency.

Sixth, the land: a jade ornaments, no green is called the land. The land is not necessarily white, but also gray, blue, purple, lake green, blue and other colors. Good land, can set off against the green, it seems to add icing on the cake. Inferior land, although there is a very good green, but set off, like a flower inserted in cow dung. Therefore, a good land has lake green, glass color, shrimp color, followed by glutinous rice, white bean land, purple flower land, inferior land with ivory land, hoe land, the worst is black clouds, cats and earth .

Seven: In summary: the easiest way to identify is to look at the C-car jade, in the case of looking at the light, look carefully at the distribution of jade color, often can see that the color is distributed along the crack, this color is distributed Unnatural, the appearance is very similar to the capillaries. When you see this, you can conclude that the color does not naturally exist in the jade, but enters from the outside. In addition, the dyed color has no color roots, often floating on the surface of the jade, the color is also "dead", "hairpin", without the aura of natural color. Look at the B-car jade, you should turn the jade in the case of looking at the light, find the angle that can clearly see the surface of the jade, and observe carefully that you can see that there are many pits and pitting on the surface of the B, which is the surface of the silica gel weathered. Formed after abrasion and peeling. In addition, the luster of the B-Jadeite is different from the A-carved jade. The A-carved jade structure is dense and the exterior emits a glass luster. The B-car jade is waxy and shiny due to the injection. If it is a jade bracelet, use another jade or coin to tap gently, A cargo jade sound is crisp and sweet, B goods jade sound dull and hoarse, this is also a simple and easy identification method.

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