Unique charm of the small fresh, tender, spring break out of the sprout; through, is the lotus leaf playing on the waterdrops; light, spring, the most intense or the most sparse colors; floating clouds in the sky clouds Shu . It has no trace, no sound, but it can arouse the whole season of light dancing. Emotion in the sprouting ... heartbeat slowing down ... a tree spring ten million, tender to the golden soft in silk. Yeh is the messenger of spring, spring silent, young leaves quietly wake up. In this sprouting spring, Chow Tai Fook "light dance" gold series fresh market, exudes a bright glamorous light, so light and graceful dance filled with this spring. "Light dance flying" gold series is Chow Tai-launched a set of spring-themed gold jewelry. Designers will be unique in the spring into the product concept of lightness, with people slow down, close to nature, Imagine the dance of the spring, so that hidden the entire winter feelings continue to grow, eventually release. "Light Dance" series of six gold products are "golden feathers" "Angel Wings" "Leaf Dance" "Spring Willow" "bud" "Conch", each product is drawn from the spring, contains different emotions Elements, the overall create a romantic light style. Among them, "Golden Feather" represents a dream, "Dance of Ye" contains youth, "Spring Willow" implies Acacia, "Bud" metaphor of life, "Angel Wings" symbolizes waiting, "Conch" carries memory. Angel Wings You are my other half wings, because of you, I can fly. Originated from Zhou Dasheng original design, "Qing Wu Fei Yang" gold series to concise and realistic approach, drawing inspiration from the natural elements, into the design of thousands of gold products. Designers or quietly in the early spring leaves, or from the wind leaves the shape of the material, with simple lines of interpretation of the essence of early spring elements, crystal clear eye-catching gold through the designer's exquisite design, a change in the thick shape of the gold product itself , Will be the essence of minimalist expression most vividly. "Light dance flying" Gold series overall shape simple atmosphere, filled with youthful, dynamic fashion, smooth and graceful lines, in the silent to enhance the charm of women's glamor. Delicate handmade crafts, combined with the production of sand, sandblaster and nail sand production, so that fashion products, three-dimensional rendering, will certainly bring thousands of women not to wear the same effect.

Pant is designed worn from the waist to the ankles, covering both legs separately and and may be held up by our own designed fastenings, a belt or suspenders. Our Jeans, made of denim or dungaree, are a form of trousers for casual wear, now suitably worn by both sexes. Considering we have more kids products, we are trying use more natural cloth which are perfect for their skins and environment as well.


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