NEEZZ is an international fashion men's business brand, with a century-old British aristocratic descent, with emphasis on exquisite, taste, elegant version of the design, exquisite tailoring, meticulous craftsmanship, perfect product structure to meet the successful men of various occasions Need, professional design team to ensure that the brand's fashion and competitiveness. NEEZZ (Nepalese) appeals to fashion, self-confidence, have been successful or are successful men, 25-45-year-old civil servants, business people, freelancers, high-level white-collar workers as the core consumer group; NEEZZ The brand emphasizes the multi-faceted work and life of the target customer groups and meets the diversified needs of different occasions such as office, business, holiday, tourism and leisure. With elegant and exquisite brand style originating from the essence of European fashion and the advanced fabrics, Personalized and elegant version of the design, exquisite tailoring, meticulous craftsmanship, for outstanding quality, the pursuit of success and outstanding outstanding men provide the perfect dress experience, international brand image, to provide customers with a high degree of brand identity and belonging .

Yarns made from latest newly developed functional fibers have many characteristics such as far infrared,anti-UV,anti-bacteria,abrasion resistant,mediem elasticity,moisture absorbent,light appearance,flame retardant

New Production Technology Series

New production, technology fiber,super soft yarn, vortex yarn,cationic polyester fiber

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