In the past two weeks, the international gold price has been consolidating around $1,700 for a long time. Affected by this, Wuhan's gold and silver coin market is also in the doldrums, and the price of some gold and silver coins has shrunk.

Panda silver fell 10%

Among various gold and silver coins, Panda coins are the most sensitive to the price of gold and silver. In the past one or two months, its price has fallen by about 3%.

For example, the 2012 edition of Panda Gold Sets. Currently, the latest market price is 22,300 yuan. At the end of last month (February 29), when the international gold price was only one step away from the 1,800 US dollars/ounce mark, the market price was 23,000 yuan. In a short span of 10 days, the decline was 3.14%.

Not only that, but the price of the 2011 edition of Panda Gold Coin also fell from 22,500 yuan to around 22,000 yuan, a decrease of 2.22%.

The 2011 edition of Panda Silver with the highest degree of market participation fell rapidly from the previous 300 yuan to 275 yuan, a decrease of nearly 10%.

This year's new product prices have fallen apart from Panda coins. Many new currencies have also suffered Waterloo this year, a drop of nearly 10%.

“For example, the 2012 gold and silver coins of the Year of the Dragon were made up of 1 ounce of silver and 1 ounce of 10 ounces of gold. They were issued at the end of last year, and later the price rose to 4,200 yuan, but they have recently fallen to 3,800 yuan in the Wuhan secondary market. The decline is close to 10%.” A salesperson from Wuhan Huaquan Coin Co., Ltd. introduced that there are many currency traders in the secondary market who like to carry goods. This time, they can lose money.

He also introduced that recently, the number of people buying gold and silver coins in the store is also significantly lower. “International gold prices have been weak, and many citizens have chosen to wait and see if they do not know where they are going.”

“The fluctuations of gold and silver coins are not as volatile as international gold and silver prices. The key is that the participants’ mood has been greatly affected. Everyone is afraid to move.” Insiders suggested that investors should not be too pessimistic. The change will wait until the stabilization of the price of gold before timely intervention.

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