In recent days, the filament yarn varieties of China Textile City have been affected by the temperature rise and the increase of the volume of cargoes, opening up the ascending channel and leaping to the top of the sales volume in the market. Polyester filament cloth in the first half of the thin varieties began to force: woven chiffon, Sasaki, Chun Yafang, Xia Fang silk, washed cashmere, jacquard and other long-staple fdf shirt dresses varieties (including some DTY Conventional and special fabrics), spring and autumn-type long-fiber composite yarn dual-use shirt cloth, composite cloth, the transaction in the previous section on the basis of multifaceted, the price rose little or less, have to increase the number of goods, Summer with thin, thin translucent transparent or drape different fabrics new and old varieties together, the spot launched a small medium and large, the main stability of the price, temporary contacts customers more than the previous period: dyeing chiffon, dyed velvet snow Spinning, dyed sunshine crepe, dyed Yili yarn, dyed crystal yarn, dyed Aoli yarn are not the same amount of affection, printing chiffon, printing chiffon, printed sunshine crepe, printing crystal yarn, printing Yili yarn, Li-yarn version of the flower-type patterns to increase output, a variety of small quantities urgently needed in advance, 50D-75D chiffon, chiffon yarn, chiffon crepe listed on a row, the price stable, the additional bulk have different amounts enlarge. Polyester filament silk cloth in the simulation of women's spring and autumn dual-use varieties, super-long long-staple fiber yarn, composite yarn dual-use cloth, the new introduction of the same increase, the small batch of more than the pre-season, Prices have stabilized, with the new batch has increased, the overall sales volume of filament yarn silk fabrics, leapt to the first major market sales.

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