The brand culture of "the Carnaby" is derived from Carnaby Street in the UK, Carnaby Street is located in London's Soho, near the famous Oxford St. and Regent St. Along Carnaby Street, there are plenty of pubs, restaurants, and a host of independent fashion boutiques full of British influences. Since the late '50s, many talented fashion designers have been stationed at the then Carnaby Street as their home to the world The first station of convergence. Famous such as John Stephen and many followers. With all the blooming flowers laid an important foundation for the subsequent creation of the prestigious "Swinging Sixties." "The Carnaby" inherits the fine gene of Carnaby Street - the cradle of fashion rebels, the uninhibited creative fantasy, breeds an endless stream of unique high-quality fashion design.

嘉奈芘 - the Carnaby

The group formerly known as Netelusion Limited, was established in 1995 and was listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SES / SGX: N37) in July 2000. The Group is principally engaged in investment holding and management services, development and maintenance of game services, game operations, online games, development of other multimedia products and distribution of online game point cards. Group business covers the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and mainland China, across the electronics and networking industries. June 2010 Netelusion Limited officially changed its name to The Style Merchants Limited, based on the original business operations, with a view to exploring new business opportunities in the mainland fashion and lifestyle products market. The Carnaby is the group's first brand to conduct business in China. The group aims to establish itself as a pioneer in the Chinese women 's apparel industry. "The Carnaby" will be unique fashion trend of the costume design to China as its mission, the next three years will be the core of the Chinese region to develop a strong terminal sales network.

孙燕姿为你亲手设计  the Carnaby女装2011”Yanzi“系列新款

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