1. Dyeable polypropylene technology The polypropylene produced by this technology can be dyed under normal pressure with dye. The dyeing fastness is above four grades, which changes the traditional masterbatch dyeing method and expands the application field of polypropylene.
Implementation method: at the inlet of the extruder, adding 5%-10% of the additive, blending and spinning. The entire traditional spinning equipment does not need to be modified. Have good economic benefits.
This technology can transfer additive production technology. It can also instruct manufacturers to produce qualified dyeable polypropylene products.
2. Highly water-absorbent polyester This product improves the water absorption of polyester, soft hand, anti-pilling and antistatic. Make polyester feel wool and cotton. The water absorption can be flexibly adjusted during processing. The products are mainly used in T-shirts, sportswear and apparel applications.
Implementation method: Blending method, in the population of melt-spinning extruder, the additive is added 5%-10%, and other spinning processes and equipment need not be changed. The production process is simple, flexible, and has a large market and economic benefits.
Transferable water absorbing agent production technology and complete production technology software.
3 low melting point polyacid glue This product is mainly used for high-grade garment adhesives, non-woven fabric thermal adhesives, with strong bonding and dry cleaning resistance. Polyamine preparation techniques are available which provide various melting points between 270 °C and 280 °C.
Implementation method: There are mainly three kinds of raw materials. The synthetic production and synthesis equipment are mainly polymerization kettles and heating and casting belt equipment.
Hardware design and complete process software are available.
4. Spunbonded polypropylene nonwoven fabric moisture absorber This product is used as a surface treatment agent for polypropylene nonwoven fabric, which can change the water repellency of polypropylene nonwoven fabric, and the treated product has good hygroscopicity and moisture permeability. The product can be used for scallops. Medical fabric materials, detergents, etc., the treated products are non-toxic, tasteless, and soft to the touch. Synthetic technology software for transferable treatment agents, hardware design, processing technology in production.
5. Antistatic agent This product can be made of polyester. The permanent antistatic agent of polypropylene makes the product lower than the resistance by one order of magnitude, and the half life is below 40S'. It can be used in antistatic clothing in mining, medical, electronics and other industries. Implementation method: blending method, add 5%-10% additive at the inlet of the melt extruder. Other processes and equipment do not move, depending on the requirements of static electricity, the leaves are used in different amounts. Technology transfer for a full range of hardware and software.
6 Cationic dyeable polyester This product can be dyed with cationic dyes. It has full chromatogram and bright color and is widely used in clothing products.
Method of implementation: The blending method can be used to quantitatively add 5% to 10% of the additive in the melt spinning extruder population. The original device does not need to be changed.
It can provide the production of soft and hardware additives, and can guide the production in a full set.

Cashmere Linen Yarn

linen is very popular material in spring summer. Linen Yarn is chosen by many knitwear designers and producers and widely used in spring summer knitting.

Linen feels cool to touch, a phenomenon which indicates its higher conductivity (the same principle that makes metals feel "cold"). It is smooth, making the finished fabric lint-free, and gets softer the more it is washed.

Cashmere linen yarn blend the features of cashmere fibre being soft and gentle and the fatures of linen being cool and good shape. Consinee is Professional Linen Yarn For Knitting manufacturer located in China. our linen yarn range includes Cashmere Linen Yarn,Silk Linen Yarn,Cashmere Linen Blend Yarn, etc.

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