NO.1 Xingyue Bodhi


The popularity of Xingyue Bodhi in the circle of playmates is quite high, and the popularity can be imagined. It is said that every person who has become attached to the Buddha has a place in Xingyue Bodhi. Xingyue Bodhi has a smooth surface and dense spots. It is often fun to play during the game. It is certainly understandable to be in the lead.

NO.2 Vajra Bodhi


Vajra Bodhi is a Buddhist object. It has always been praised by the literary and art circles. Although the bodhi beads are creased and sturdy before the game, after careful "cooking", the surface of Vajra Bodhi becomes color and transparent. Oily, people can't put it down.

NO.3 lobular rosewood


At first glance, the color of the lobular rosewood is deep, revealing a calm and old-fashioned temperament. It is a low-key, deep-shouldered man's hand string, and because of its low price, the popularity of the wenwan circle is quite high. three.

NO.4 South Red Agate


The color of South Red Agate is delicate and beautiful, it is amazing, there will be obvious natural lines when it is light, and it is very cute. After wearing the red agate bracelet, the skin of the person will become more white and delicate, in the female consumer group. very popular.

NO.5 honey wax amber


The appearance of beeswax amber is especially high, the shape is radiant and translucent, and it is unique and elegant. When playing, the oil of beeswax amber is like a lubricant, which makes the skin of the palms smooth and delicate, so it is loved by female compatriots. Of course, the five are taken for granted.

NO.6 thousand eyes bodhi


Thousand-eyed Bodhi is also one of the Bodhi family bracelets. The large-sized Bodhi Bodhi is large in size, smooth in color, and has a lot of texture inside the body. This undoubtedly brings more novelty to the bracelet and becomes a dish. A highlight of playing.

NO.7 agarwood


Many people's understanding of agarwood is derived from Chinese classical culture. Agarwood is used as a deodorant in ancient times. The aroma of agarwood is mixed with the natural taste of wood. When worn as a string, people will be infected and become elegant and gentle. .

NO.8 yellow pear


Huanghuali bracelet has a hard texture, smooth touch and high collection value. It is one of the more common wenwan bracelets on the market. In addition to its ornamental value, huanghuali also has medicinal value. Long-term wear can help the body to promote blood circulation. Good for health.

NO.9 Eternal Eye Bodhi


The phoenix-eyed Bodhi is small, and the "eye" is oval. The phoenix-eye bodhi is the wise man of all bodhi. Holding the phoenix eye can increase the wisdom of the people. The Bombeye Bodhi, which has been playing for a long time, looks very dirty. This is also its special feature.

NO.10 Thuja


The thuja bracelets exude a mellow cedar fragrance, which is more elegant and elegant when worn and played, and has a high collection value. However, because the interior of the cedar wood is prone to cracks and the market is demanding, it is temporarily placed in the tenth position.

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