[Loyer.mod Yung Yue retail sales Cheats] reverse thinking, you can sell the clothing better!

The customer enters the clothing store and begins to be interested in a certain piece of clothing. The salesperson enthusiastically helps her to choose. The customer, who is enthusiastically recommended by the salesperson, will try on the more interested clothing constantly. Most of the time, the customer is in a good mood , So most of the salesperson's advice will be accepted. Unfortunately, our clothing store owner or salesperson often fails to grasp this unique opportunity.

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Routine store reception and product recommendations are experience experiences in the customer experience, are generally very difficult to arouse their interest, this time if cleverly reverse, it will certainly inspire the strong interest of customers. Here are some ways to reverse:

1, the decoration and decoration Reverse: the store's decoration and decoration of alternative novel design, reposition, or even deliberately in order to attract customers to design some strange new effects, customers enter the shop will cause a reaction, because you The store effect gives them a different feeling, of course, design can not blindly pursue the alternative so that the customer offensive.

2, the reception language reversal: conventional reception language has been unable to stimulate the attention of customers, whether in accordance with the characteristics of products and stores, deliberately designed some unusual language of the reception, such as the "Welcome" to "you come?" A change, the customer will certainly be surprised, I think you know him, if she really asked, "Do you know me?", Then you can immediately pick up "Oh, I've seen you several times to shop here," "We are here recently A new batch of goods, or I take you to see "" "

3, Recommended products Reverse: Just said, if it is clothing products, you can properly recommend a few pieces to allow customers to try on, according to the actual situation, the real one or two shortcomings of clothing out, and then focus on your compliment to mobilize her Buy that one, so recommended a success, customers also thank you.

4, positive commendable competing products: when asked about the customer's brand competitors, may wish to praise some irrelevant areas, and then targeted with their own products for comparison, delightlessly allow customers to choose their own products, to To do this, you have to know more about your competitors' products and businesses.

5, to help customers save money: In the restaurant or various types of store sales, deliberately stand in the customer's position, to customers afterwards, to help them save money in order to win customers trust in you. For example: customers want to buy some long-sleeved clothes, you can tell her, now it is better to buy long-sleeved, because short-sleeved can not wear a few days, this short-sleeved if you really like better than two days Buy, perhaps we will discount "and then recommend him to buy short-sleeved style, so that this customer will be grateful to you from the heart, I feel you are good, maybe bought two long sleeves, Two days really come back to you this discount short sleeve it!

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