2015MISTIC latest spring women's series, with one sentence to describe, called "delicate blend of woman and child" was the most appropriate - the perfect girl neutral pure tender, women's elegant hold. From this collection of women, we can at least see the shadow of three 60's fashion icon. Tulip silhouette sleeveless one-piece dress, meticulous cream double breasted suit, elegant long gloves - naturally reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn.


Handsome Chelsea boots tight slender deer legs, hearty and childish A-shaped miniskirt Mary Jane shoes - as if Twiggy immediate smile.


Slightly blooming fluffy skirt, slim sling with a V-neck low-cut, plump hair is a Babydoll-style curved hair - these are not the legacy of Brigitte Bardot? But more restrained than Bardot, more clever, more refined.

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