Splicing, a more recent popular elements, no matter what style of clothing are used to splicing techniques, Qian Man women's woolen cloth jacket stitching style, stitching the most important is which several colors are stitched together look better, Women's woolen jacket style, a variety of colors stitching, to create youthful vitality to take.


Today, we take a look at stitching clothing with this round neck woolen jacket pink and black and white classic colors with the three, that is, there are classic with pink sweet, take a white jacket within a coat, A sweet little woman is fully shown, his hair tied up to create the most comprehensive and capable side.

呢子拼接服装款式 拼接呢子外套搭配

Stitching woolen jacket can also be very tough, not necessarily the girls should be sweet, you can also cool, woolen jacket solid color lines and plaid stitching, this woolen jacket is woolen design coupled with a short skirt + High boots this dress is not very attractive it? Handsome dress yet sexy.

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