The word jewellery is certainly not strange to us. Since ancient times, the word jewellery has often appeared in people's life vocabulary. At present, with the improvement of people's living standards and aesthetic ability, jewelry is rapidly entering the homes of millions of civilians. But what exactly is jewelry? Why is jewelry so valuable? How to know jewelry?

What is jewelry?

In addition to professionals, few people seriously explore the meaning of jewelry, and are accustomed to making jewelry, crafts or other treasures of certain value made of natural materials other than metals such as gold and silver (minerals, rocks, creatures, etc.). Jewelry, there is a saying of "gold and silver jewelry", the jewelry line that manages these items is also collectively referred to as "jewelry line." Scientifically speaking, the concept of "jewelry" is the same as the concept of "gemstone" in the broad sense. Gem in a broad sense refers to materials that are suitable for honing or engraving into jewelry or crafts. But is the granite that can be carved into stone lions also a gem? The answer is no, because, as a gem, you must have the following characteristics:

First, "beauty", that is, bright and beautiful, dazzling. A gemstone cannot be a gemstone if it is not beautiful. This beauty is expressed in a brilliant color, or it is transparent and clean, or has special optical effects (such as cat eyes, color change, luminous, etc.), or has a special pattern ( Such as chrysanthemum stone, agate, plum jade, etc.). With this in mind, we understand why diamonds are the same, and those with less transparency can be used to honour precious diamonds, while those with poor transparency, ambiguity and blackness can only be used as industrial raw materials.

Second, "long", that is, the texture is hard and wearable, and can last for a long time. Because of the high value of gemstones, one must expect it to be durable and can preserve even hereditary items. One of the reasons why diamonds are the most expensive gemstones is that it is the hardest and most corrosion-free gem in the world. Therefore, the most valuable gemstones in the world are some hard and corrosion-resistant silicate minerals (such as jadeite). , a small number of oxides (such as rubies, sapphires) and elemental minerals (such as diamonds), and soft, susceptible to corrosion of gemstones (such as jade, southern jade, etc.) itself is of low value, often used in the production of crafts, to win by work; But there are also a few gems not listed here, such as opal and pearls.

Third, "thin", that is, the output is small. It is rare, the world's extremely rare emeralds, the highest quality is tens of thousands of dollars per carat (0.2 grams), and some beautiful and durable "long" stones (such as amethyst), due to production More, mining is easier, and its price has been lower. Some common rocks, after honing, are also aesthetically pleasing, but they cannot be a member of the gem family. The reason is that things are easy to get.

Treasure Map - Ring So what are the generalized gemstones? It includes two major categories of inorganic gemstones and organic gemstones.

Inorganic gemstones are divided into natural stones and artificial gemstones. Natural gemstones are gemstones formed in natural geological processes. They are composed of single mineral crystals or rocks composed of numerous single and complex minerals such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, olivines, crystals (single minerals) and emeralds. Soft too (rock), etc.; artificial gemstones include synthetic gemstones and counterfeits (also known as counterfeit gemstones). Synthetic gemstones are "inorganic gemstones" that are synthesized in laboratories or factories according to the chemical composition of a natural gemstone and the physical and chemical conditions at the time of formation. Their physical and chemical properties are the same or substantially the same as those of natural gemstones, such as man-made gemstones. Diamond, synthetic ruby, artificial crystal, etc.; counterfeit refers to plastics, glass and other products or inorganic compounds similar in appearance to certain gemstones. Their physical and chemical properties are not related to similar gems. Such items include: cubic zirconia of imitation diamonds (so-called "Soviet drill"), plastics resembling pearls, green glass imitation jade.

Organic gemstones refer to gemstones that form biological or biological effects, such as corals, pearls, and amber.

Thus, the word "jewelry" includes all of the above items.

What are the narrow gemstones? It refers to gems made up of single mineral crystals, such as diamonds, red (blue) gems, olivines, crystals, etc.; many rock gems composed of single and complex minerals fall into the jade range; : Gems, jade, or collectively referred to as "treasure jade", thus derived the name of the discipline "Gemstones and Stones".

Jewelry is a potion that makes you feel happy. Expensive materials and exquisite craftsmanship are important, but the design that is full of women's cute nature is the key point that you should value and make you happy.

The so-called jewellery refers to natural jewels and artificial gems. Natural jewels include natural gemstones, natural jade and natural organic gemstones (all except "natural" except natural glass), which include synthetic gemstones, synthetic gemstones, split gemstones and recreated gemstones.

Gems: crystals composed of the same minerals, such as diamonds composed of diamonds; jade is a collection of the same or a variety of minerals and a small number of amorphous bodies, such as jadeite is mainly composed of jadeite and other a collection of mineral diopside, amphibole, etc.;

Organic gemstone: a gemstone, such as a pearl, consisting partially or entirely of organic matter;

Synthetic gemstone: refers to a gemstone made by hand and corresponding in nature, such as synthetic ruby. Synthetic gemstone has the same physical and chemical properties as natural gemstone;

Artificial gemstone: refers to a gemstone that is artificially manufactured but does not currently correspond in nature, such as artificial garnet, and no natural garnet has been found in nature.

Flat gems: refers to the combination of two or more gems (including artificial) layered and bonded, such as sapphire-glass mosaic stone is composed of a combination of upper sapphire and lower glass and a layer of glue in the middle;

Re-engineered gemstone: It is formed by melting and pressing the crumb of natural gemstone. For example, reconstituted amber is re-melted from the crumb of amber.

It is generally used to make jewelry, crafts or other collections of certain value, such as gold, silver and other natural materials (minerals, rocks, creatures, etc.). The jewelry line of the item is also collectively referred to as the "jewelry line." Scientifically speaking, the concept of "jewelry" is the same as the concept of "gemstone" in the broad sense. Gemstones in a broad sense refer to those materials that are suitable for honing or engraving as the first treasure map - necklace ornaments or crafts.

In the development of our modern society, jewelry contains minerals such as gold and silver in the national regulations. There are so many jewellery companies established by gold and silver now! Chow Tai Fook Gold Jewelry Company Luk Fook Jewellery Company Huayang Gold and Silver Jewelry Company. These are large jewellery companies approved by the registered countries! According to the National Appraisal Jewelry Standards Regulations, gold and silver are also included!

Three understandings of jewelry

Jewelry, as the name suggests, refers to pearls and gems, but since jewellery actually includes pearls, gems and jade, it is called jewels or jade in the industry. In general, the jewellery market or industry has three different understandings of jewellery: the first is to understand jewellery as a naturally occurring natural substance that is aesthetically pleasing, durable and rare, crafted, and can be processed into fine jewelry. According to this understanding, jewelry actually refers to natural gemstones; the second type of jewelry is understood to be any substance that has aesthetics, durability, and rare characteristics, has craft value, and can be processed into an ornament. This understanding differs from the former in that it combines synthetic and artificial gemstones into jewelry; the third is to understand jewelry as a decoration made of gemstones and precious metals. The difference between the two and the first two is that jewellery is attributed to jewellery, that is, all ornaments made of gemstones and precious metals are understood as jewels.

All three kinds of understandings have their rationality and are suitable for different occasions and different levels. From the perspective of jewellery appreciation, this book is based on the second, while considering the third understanding, jewels are understood as materials with aesthetics, durability and rare characteristics, craft value, can be processed into decorations, including natural And man-made, also including the precious metals associated with this and the jewelry made of them.

< p>Why does jewelry shine?

The treasure map - the ring will sparkle jewelry, known as flash jewelry, it has a strong refraction effect. Someone asked how this effect was processed. The refraction of the species is produced by high-speed cutting of mechanical tools (the heads are inlaid with diamond diamonds) to form a smooth, mirror-like refractive surface. At present, the flash jewelry available on the market includes: flashing wire ring, flashing water wave necklace, flashing pendant, flashing flower ring and glitter earrings.

The refractive area of ​​flash jewellery is generally designed according to the size and shape of the material. Whether the refracting surface is designed to be reasonable or beautiful will directly affect the viewing effect of the jewellery. For example, if the refractive surface of the flashing flower ring is too large, it will cause the proportion to be out of balance, and the theme is not clear enough, which makes the jewelry monotonous and vulgar. In addition, the smoothness of the refractive surface is also an important aspect of the quality of flash jewelry. If the finish is poor, or even dark, the refractive effect will be weakened and the service life will be reduced.

Jewelry brand

Six top jewellery brands in the world

Colored gemstone Bvlgari

Bvlgari jewellery has a strong Italian classic style. The combination of extravagant gold and colorful gemstones has created the extremely luxurious Bvlgari, which has also made it a favorite of the royal family. There have been almost crazy examples: a few Roman princesses exchanged their land in order to get Bvlgari jewelry. The history of Bvlgari can be traced back to a small village in Greece, Epirus. The founder of the family, Mr. Sotirio Bulgari, started from the exquisitely carved silverware and opened his first store in Italy in 1884.

Bvlgari specializes in art deco styles, which are known as derigueur in jewellery design. Most Bvlgari jewellery designs are geometric. For example, the Celtic-style Trika collection, the natural collection of the Naturalia collection, and the Chandra collection of ceramics, gold and precious stones.

HarryWinston Monroe

A super-jewelry brand that has been acclaimed for more than 100 years in the world, the craftsmanship and careful consideration of cutting diamonds can always increase the value of diamonds by several times. In addition to Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Windsor and other royal aristocrats, Hollywood famous movie stars, is the favorite of Harry Winston jewelry.

When Monroe wears Harry Winston, they have treated each other as confidants: one has the appearance of a country, one can match the value of a rich enemy; one is a material girl who is self-proclaimed by "marriage a millionaire", one Sure enough, there are also a lot of wealthy patrons from the American tycoon to the Arab prince. However, Monroe has already gone west, and Harry Winston is still a world-famous super jewellery brand, not only does not appear to be jeweled, but also engulfs a pearly glory in 1990 to enter the pearl world.

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