Health, happiness, fashion, personality. . . Not only is each child should have the qualities, but also every mother's expectations of their own babies, as "Mummy Star" children's clothing brand as explained, each child is Mummy's star! As a children's clothing brand from the United States, "Mummy's Star" from the brand positioning to the costume design, from the company philosophy to promote sales, all embodies the "fashion, environmental protection, health, happiness, childlike" brand culture. For a new generation of rich mothers and mothers, "Mummy's Star" grasps its elegant taste, fashion aesthetic philosophy and modern children's perspective, expressed in every carved costume Their feelings and expectations about children. As a rapidly growing children's wear brand, the company has provided excellent platforms and strong support to franchisees and associate entrepreneurs who are interested in common development in order to let more Chinese mothers understand and deliver their approved children's wear. . Second annual new children's clothing conference, the promotion of professional mainstream media, the system detailed statistics and sales statistics, preferential return policy. . . And so these are for the new franchisees have created a good condition for rapid growth. Mummy Star - Mummy's choice! Mummy's Star - Your Choice! Dongguan Ju Cheng Fashion Co., Ltd. Children's clothing brand: Mammy's star Contact: Ao Sheng Tel: Fax: Address: Shijie Town, Dongguan City, the second industrial zone southwest of the official website:

Holi Powder is a kind of color powder made of colored cornstarch.biodegradable,Fun, safe, brilliant Individual Pack Holi Powder for parties, festivals, races, photo shoots,color run and more.It has 100g/bag,250g/bag,etc.

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Individual Pack Holi Powder

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